Canon Fact Sheet

Corporate Background  

  • Canon Inc. was founded in 1937. Canon Europe was established twenty years later in 1957

  • Canon Inc. employs more than 190,000 people worldwide. Canon Europe employs over 11,000 people across 20 local country operations in the EMEA region.

  • Canon’s consolidated net sales for Canon Inc. for the first half of fiscal 2010 were ¥1,726 billion (US $19,612 million) (January 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010). Canon’s consolidated net sales for Canon Inc. for the year 2009 (ended December 31, 2009) totalled ¥3,209 billion (US $34,883 million or 24.3 billion euro).  Euro and Dollar amounts are translated solely for the convenience of the reader from yen at the rate of JPY 132 = 1 euro and JPY 92 = US $1 respectively, the approximate exchange rate on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange market as of December 30, 2009.

  • Canon Europe contributes approximately a third of the company’s global revenue, selling to customers in more than 110 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa 

  • Canon’s first European manufacturing site, Canon Giessen GmbH,  was established in Germany in 1972

  • Canon’s corporate philosophy is encapsulated in the word Kyosei, meaning living and working together for the common good  


  • Canon’s Brand Promise is to help people realise the Power of Image

  • The European Brand Strapline,You Can,  was launched in 2002 and is designed to  inspire and encourage customers to realise the Power of Image

  • Canon was ranked 36th in the Business Week 100 Best Global Brands 2008 survey

  • Canon has also been awarded Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Camera Brand in Europe for 10 consecutive years

  • Canon was ranked 6th in the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2010 Industry ranking  (‘Computers’ category) 

Environmental initiatives

  • Canon launched its toner recycling system in 1990

  • Canon is reducing CO2 emissions by shortening transportation routes and promoting rail transportation in Europe

Technology & Innovation

  • Canon’s Imaging Engines were created by integrating a series of technologies developed throughout Canon’s history. They are the core technologies in all of Canon’s current products:

    • Image Capture Engine – High resolution and high image quality for lens, sensor and image processing technologies

    • Electrophotography Engine – Electrophotography technology is at the heart of laser beam printers and copying machines that have been rated as the best in the world

    • Inkjet Engine – Capable of delivering mircroscopic ink droplets as small as one picolitre (one-trillionth of a litre), even making DNA chip fabrication possible

    • Photolithography Engine – Canon’s semiconductor exposure technology integrates the ultimate in optical and ultraprecision positioning technologies

    • Display Engine – Next generation flat screen display technology delivers large screen, high quality images with low power consumption

  • Canon is Europe’s market leader in D-SLR*

  • The Canon EOS 450D is the number 1 selling D-SLR model, followed by the EOS 1000D*

  • Canon was the inventor of the Bubble Jet method of inkjet printing and introduced the industry’s first cartridge-type copying machine


  • Canon Europe partners with the Red Cross by supporting youth orientated projects across 13 European countries

  • Canon Europe became the first WWF Conservation Partner in Europe, Middle East and Africa in 1998. Since 2007, Canon Europe  has sponsored a WWF polar bear tracking programme designed to stop the decline of the polar bear population and raise awareness of the effects of climate change

  • Canon Europe has a 30-year history of supporting football, with past and current sponsorships including the following:

    • Official Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2008™

    • UEFA Cup Final, UEFA Super Cup 2007

    • Russian Premier Football League

    • Africa Cup of Nations 2008

  • Canon Europe is the Principal sponsor of the London and Milan Fashion Weeks and is a sponsor of Paris Fashion Week

Research and Development

  • In fiscal 2009, the Company invested ¥304.6 billion in R&D, accounting for 9.5% of sales. From this total, 

    • ¥78.9 billion, or 26%, was allocated to the Office segment

    • ¥74.1 billion, or 24%, went to the Consumer segment

    • ¥151.6 billion, or 50% went to the Industry and Others segment

  • In 2009, the Company was granted 2,204 patents** in the United States, placing it fourth among all corporations

  •  Canon has ranked among the top 10 U.S patent recipients since 1984 (a 26-year period)

  • Canon has ranked among the top 5 U.S patent recipients from 1992 to 2009 (a 18-year period)

  • Canon has ranked among the top 3 U.S patent recipients in 21 of last 23 years

* Source: GfK WEU6 Jan-Nov 2009 (volume). Includes Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain and The Netherlands.

**Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; Calculated based upon announcements of weekly totals.