Canon LS-100K


A choice of contemporary colours that can complement your home interior or office décor.


  • Stylish design for your lifestyle
  • 10 digit mini desktop calculator with dual power
  • Large display
  • Grand total & tax functions
  • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material

Detalizēti par funkcijām

Canon LS-100K — ieskatieties un izpētiet sīkāk

Smart, modern design

Add a lifestyle feel to your home or office with the LS-100K. Available in four vivid colours - blue, pink, orange and green, with a striking metallic finish, the design is attractive and sleek, certain to complement your home interior or office décor.

Practical features

The LS-100K has an eye-catching upper case with metallic spray finish. Smaller than the LS-123K, and with similar features, the LS-100K has a large 10 digit LCD display and intuitive functions. The LS-100K Series calculators are easy to use at home and at work. Dedicated buttons for adding or subtracting tax, and a grand total memory feature, make these calculators practical as well as visually appealing.

Sustainable design

Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material, we are keen to continue sharing our vision on waste reduction via our essential yet sustainable products.

Izstrādājuma tehniskie dati

Uzziniet vairāk par Canon LS-100K, tā funkcijām un iespējām.

10 - digits

10 cipari

Dual Power

Dubulta barošana

Tax Calculation

Nodokļu aprēķināšana

Grand total memory

Kopsummu atmiņa

Large Display

Liels displejs

eco friendly

Eco Friendly