DVD recording (AVCHD)

Recording HD movies directly to 8cm DVDs (-R / -RW / -R DL) combines the benefits of high quality HD video with ultra-easy playback – once finalised, DVDs are compatible with Blu-ray players and many computers.

Video is recorded using the Advanced Video Codec for High Definition (AVCHD) format. This is an ultra-efficient compression technology that reduces the file size of HD movies without compromising picture quality. It allows up to an hour of HD video to be stored on a Dual Layer DVD.

An additional benefit is that you won’t have to rewind or fast-forward to review your footage. Simply select a scene and you’re ready to go. Capturing and sharing memories couldn’t be easier.

Clearing things up
When choosing an HD camcorder or television, you may notice that two standards exist – HD Ready 720 and Full HD 1080. They refer to the number of lines of information in the image: the Full HD standard offers the highest quality.

Of course, every movie recorded using HD looks great – but it is worth remembering that all Canon HD camcorders record using the Full HD standard, delivering the highest resolution that an HDTV can display.




 “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD” logo are trademarks of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sony Corporation.

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