Canon VB-M741LE


Keep every outdoor angle covered


    • A fully featured IR bullet camera for high quality images day or night
    • See in zero light with inbuilt IR illumination plus ultra wide coverage
    • Outdoor-ready with additional environmental protection
    • Extreme low temperature start up and operation
    • Easy installation with remote set up, and simple cable connections

Detalizēti par funkcijām

Canon VB-M741LE — ieskatieties un izpētiet sīkāk

A fully featured IR bullet camera delivering high quality images day or night

Protect your site with high quality, detailed images day and night thanks to a 1.3 MP high sensitivity CMOS sensor and true Day and Night switching. The VB-M741LE also features built-in Infrared LED illumination to provide up to 30m coverage in total darkness. Optimised H.264 bit rate and ADSR technology improve bandwidth control and allow operators to freely define areas of the scene where the best quality imaging is needed.

See in zero light with inbuilt IR illumination plus ultra wide coverage

The wide aperture f/1.2-1.8 Super-UD lens with 2.4 x optical zoom delivers bright clear images even in low light environments, while the ultra wide 113.4° horizontal angle of view is ideal for monitoring wider areas. The IR Corrected lens not only provides clean sharp images day or night but also improves low light performance. Minimum subject illumination is 0.02 lux (colour) to 0.001 lux (mono). Haze Compensation automatically adjusts image contrast to make environments with fog, haze or smog easier to see.

Easy installation with remote set up and simple cable connections

The VB-M741LE features a simple pigtail cable connection and PTRZ support to help reduce installation times and cost. Connections include Audio and Alarm inputs and operators can easily identify alarming situations thanks to a wide range of inbuilt intelligent detection functions, which can automatically activate recording. These include Intruder Detection, which identifies moving objects entering a specified area, and Scream Detection, which recognises abnormal human sounds like screams or yells.

Outdoor-ready with additional environmental protection

The VB-M741LE is fully outdoor ready with extensive weatherproofing and environmental protection. Its robust construction and innovative design means that it is also compliant with NEMA250 Type4X and IEC 60950-1/22 st

Izstrādājuma tehniskie dati

Uzziniet vairāk par Canon VB-M741LE, tā funkcijām un iespējām.


Efektīva apstrāde tīklā

Digic DV III

Attēlu kvalitātes pārvaldība un kontrole

1.3 Mega Pixel

Augstas kvalitātes attēli

All weather Model

Palielināta izturība pret laikapstākļiem

Auto DayNight

Noņemams infrasarkano staru filtrs

Intelligent Function

Videosatura analīze

Intrusion Detection

Zonas aizsardzība

Scream Detection

Skaņas uztveršana

PoE plus

Enerģija no Ethernet


Pievienota joslas platuma kontrole

Linked Event

Nosacījumiem atbilstošas trauksmes

SD Card

Malu ierakstīšana


Vairāku kameru pārvaldība

Infrared Illumination

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