What does Canon’s Partner Programme involve?

Partner Programme

Each Partner Programme is based on two key components:

  1. Growth Support: Canon will help partners to generate new business opportunities and gain new customers by investing in Business Drivers to push them to meet and exceed their potential.
  2. Certifications: Canon certify partners who demonstrate a high standard of skills and knowledge to enable them to deliver quality services to their customers. These certifications allow for the partners’ area of expertise and breadth of portfolio to be recognised.

Which Partner Programme?

Three different Partner Programmes have been designed so we can deliver a programme that is more closely tailored to our partners’ needs.

Canon Registered Partner ProgrammeCanon Registered Partner Programme

This programme is designed to recognise and support resellers who would like to sell open distribution products from Canon. These can include products ranging from lasers and scanners to large format solutions and projectors. Canon offer servicing support to these partners.
Canon Accredited Partner ProgrammeCanon Accredited Partner Programme
This programme focuses on Partners who have invested in becoming a Service organisation to grow their business and develop the breadth of their Canon portfolio. The certifications highlight Canon partners’ areas of expertise in the marketplace.
Canon Business CentresCanon Business Centres combine a strong and focused Canon offering with the well-known Canon brand. The programme is built on the same model as the Canon Accredited Partner Programme, but is typically for Mono-Brand dealers.

There are a range of different certifications on offer within Canon’s Partner Programme to ensure it is tailored to our partners’ individual needs. Find out more about our certifications