Reduce costs, increase productivity and optimise your printer fleet with Canon MPS

Printed information drives the business forward, allowing people to share knowledge and create sales opportunities. It’s a hugely valuable resource – but one that can cost your business dearly on several levels:

  • Escalating costs – if not properly managed printing costs can easily spiral out of control, especially for large organisations with printing managed in different ways at different locations and no centralised view of costs.
  • Wasted resources – if printing is not operating effectively, it can cause huge frustrations for staff and wasted time for IT.
  • Inefficient print infrastructure – with no print strategy, organisations may not be taking advantage of improved TCO and the latest technology. 
  • Security – sensitive and confidential information may be exposed to security risks.
  • Environmental impact – inefficient printing can have a large carbon cost to organisations.

It doesn’t have to be like this. With Canon MPS looking after your print, we’ll work with you to design and manage your ideal document and imaging solution that will help you overcome these problems.

Download the Canon MPS brochure to find out more.

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