CanoScan 9000F

This top-of-range film, photo and document scanner is designed for film users also needing versatile scanner productivity. Advanced features ensure exceptional quality at the highest speed.


  • Top-of-range film, photo and document scanner
  • 9600x9600dpi; 48 bit colour depth
  • Fast document, photo, film and slide scanning; Zero Warm-up
  • Scan to editing software; 7 EZ buttons; FARE
  • Auto Photo Fix II and Auto Document Fix

Detalizēti par funkcijām

Canon CanoScan 9000F — ieskatieties un izpētiet sīkāk

Enhanced quality, exceptional detail

Take a leap forward in creating high quality film and photo scans. The 9600 x 9600dpi* CCD sensor utilised in the CanoScan 9000F offers you the ultimate in reproduction quality, producing exceptionally detailed images. They are ideal for enlargement and high resolution printing, with 48-bit colour depth ensuring accurate colour reproduction.

Scan at high speed, save time

Achieve new levels in productive scan performance. Scan 35mm negative film fast, at approx. 18 seconds per frame (1200 dpi), or scan an A4 colour photo or document in approx. 7 seconds (300 dpi). Start scanning straight away, without waiting, thanks to zero warm-up time - and save power at the same time.

Versatile film handling

The built-in film adapter handles all your film scanning needs effortlessly. It scans 12x 35mm filmstrip and 4x mounted slides - either positive or negative - in a single operation. It also supports 120 format film (max. 6x 22cm).

Automatic image correction

Restore scratched, damaged, dusty and faded film with ease, without tedious manual retouching. Canon's unique FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) Level 3 technology - integrated in the scanner - does the job for you using an infrared light that scans for physical defects on the film surface. QARE Level 3 technology automatically restores damaged photo prints.

Real ease of use

Enjoy simple operation even for the most complex functions. 7 EZ buttons give you instant access to Auto Scan, Copy, Email and the creation of multi-page PDFs. The 'Auto-Scan' button recognises photo, document and film types, providing suitable settings for scanning and saving. Auto Photo Fix II and Auto Document Fix software optimises the output and quality of final images or documents. The built-in AC adaptor makes the unit more compact and reduces desk clutter.

Smart, high value software i

Izstrādājuma tehniskie dati

Uzziniet vairāk par Canon CanoScan 9000F, tā funkcijām un iespējām.

Scanning resolution in dots per inch

Skenēšanas izšķirtspēja (punkti collā)

A4 colour document scan speed

A4 krāsu dokumenta skenēšanas ātrums

Negative film scanning

Negatīvu filmu skenēšana

One touch operation

Viena pieskāriena darbība

PDF files creation function

PDF failu izveides funkcija

Film Auto Retouching & Enhancement

Plēves automātiska retušēšana un uzlabošana