Digital Mailroom is a faster, smarter way to handle mail.

Digital Mailroom

A faster, smarter way to handle mail.

Without the right system in place, sorting mail is time-consuming, open to error and doesn’t let you see who has seen mail or when.

A digital mailroom allows all incoming mail to be automatically captured, identified, validated and sent with relevant index data to the right systems or people.

The benefits of Canon’s Digital Mailroom

Benefits Benefits

Collaborate anywhere

Access and share documents from any location.

Benefits Benefits

Speed-up processes

Increase efficiencies to improve productivity, reduce errors and save money.

Benefits Benefits

Reduce costs

Increase efficiencies and save money.

Benefits Benefits

Enhance compliance

Handle documents and data securely.

Exploring the mailroom of tomorrow

Exploring the digital mailroom of tomorrow
This solution has improved operational productivity and increased our responsiveness to customers.

Alan Watson

Relationship Manager, Aegon UK

The challenge

An international life insurance, pensions and asset management provider, Aegon was looking for a faster way to process mail between the company and its 2 million UK customers. As well as being costly and labour-intensive, Aegon’s inefficient mail processing system was having an impact on the customer service it delivered.

Critical Document Governance ensures that critical documents are sent to the right place at the right time
Our Digital Mailroom solution streamlined and automated key workflows

The solution

Using a multi-phase approach, we helped Aegon transform its mail processing technology by implementing our Digital Mailroom solution. Our aim was to streamline and automate key workflows, while centralising mail processing and storage in a new off-site facility.

The benefits

This solution led to 50% faster mail processing, halved labour costs and led to a total 25% cost saving by reducing paper printing and storage. As well as increasing customer satisfaction by cutting response times, the new system gave Aegon full process control and reduced compliance risks.

Our Digital Mailroom new system gave Aegon full process control and reduced compliance risks.

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How it works

Improve the way you work by investing in a Digital mailroom.


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