10 things you need to know about the Canon EOS R5

Pilna kadra bezspoguļu fotokamera Canon EOS R5.

45 MP pilna kadra attēlu sensors fotokamerā Canon EOS R5 apvieno augstu izšķirtspēju, lielu ātrumu un profesionāla līmeņa video kvalitāti.

If you've been searching for one camera that can do it all, look no further: the Canon EOS R5 is a professional full-frame mirrorless camera with cutting-edge specs for both stills photography and video – making it ideal for anyone wanting to switch between the two disciplines quickly and with ease.

"The Canon EOS R5 can pretty much do it all," says Mike Burnhill, European Professional Imaging Product Specialist at Canon Europe. "It delivers high-speed shooting, high resolution images and 8K RAW video – specifications that would have been deemed impossible just a short time ago."

Here, we examine 10 of the Canon EOS R5's most important features, and look at its groundbreaking capabilities in more detail.

1. 45MP Dual Pixel AF CMOS image sensor

Designed and manufactured by Canon, the EOS R5's groundbreaking 45MP sensor featuring Dual Pixel AF CMOS can capture images at up to 20fps with the electronic shutter or 12fps with the mechanical shutter. This combination of speed and resolution destroys the myth that you can have one but not the other.

The sensor, combined with Canon's high-performance RF lenses and DIGIC X processor, makes it possible for the Canon EOS R5 to capture new levels of detail at blistering speed – and all with AF tracking.

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Canon EOS R5 fotokamera, pievienota statīvam, ar mikrofonu virspusē.

Canon EOS R5 fotokamera sniedz iespaidīgas video uzņemšanas iespējas — tā ir pirmā pilna kadra fotokamera, kas spēj iekšēji ierakstīt 8K izšķirtspējas videoklipus RAW formātā, un pirmā bezspoguļu fotokamera, kas uzņem 4K izšķirtspējas fotoattēlus ar 120p kadru maiņas ātrumu.

2. Full-frame 8K, 4K/120p and 4K HQ video modes

The Canon EOS R5 can shoot full-frame 8K 30p 12-bit RAW and full-frame 4K 120p (4:2:2 10-bit) video footage, internally. Additionally, a 4K HQ mode uses a high quality debayering algorithm for 8K oversampling, generating individual full 4K Red, Green and Blue channels from the 8K RGB Bayer pattern filter on the sensor. This effectively suppresses moiré and reduces noise, resulting in a superior quality 4K image compared to standard 4K cameras.

Not everyone needs to output in 8K, but everyone will benefit from the 8K functions of the Canon EOS R5, such as the ability to crop the footage during editing and still retain 4K resolution, or more detailed (oversampled) 4K HQ mode footage.

3. 8-stop combined IS

The Canon EOS R5, and its sister camera, the Canon EOS R6, are the first EOS cameras to feature an in-body image stabilisation (IS) system for shake-free images and films. The 5 axis image stabilization system is capable of 8-stops of stabilization with selected lenses. When the camera is teamed with an IS-equipped RF lens, more types of vibration can be corrected, for improved real world performance, which makes the camera a game-changer when it comes to shooting handheld and in low light. Movie digital IS gives extra stabilisation when recording movies.

Mandarīnpīles attēls, uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5.

Ar jaunās paaudzes Digic X procesoru fotokamera Canon EOS R5 izmanto apstrādes jaudu viedi strādājošai automātiskās fokusēšanas funkcijai, kas spēj sekot cilvēkiem un dzīvniekiem. Uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5 un Canon RF 100-500 mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM objektīvu ar 500 mm, 1/500 sek., f/7,1 un ISO 800.

© Roger Machin

Mandarīnpīle ar izplestiem spārniem. Uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5.

Jaudīgie algoritmi nodrošina acu noteikšanu cilvēkiem un dzīvniekiem, lai jūs varētu jebkuros apstākļos fiksēt fokusu uz vēlamā objekta. Uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5 un Canon RF 100-500 mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM objektīvu ar 500 mm, 1/640 sek., f/7,1 un ISO 800.

© Roger Machin

4. Ātra AF darbība

Canon EOS R kameras ir slavenas ar ārkārtīgi ātro automātisko fokusēšanu, spējot fokusēt 0,5 ms (0,05 s). Canon EOS R5 saglabā tādu pašu automātiskās fokusēšanas ātrumu, neskatoties uz ievērojami palielināto megapikseļu skaitu. Līdz ar to Canon EOS R5 ir ne tikai kamera ar augstu izšķirtspēju un lielu kadru nomaiņas ātrumu, bet tai ir arī atbilstoša automātiskā fokusēšana. Canon EOS R5 piedāvā arī lielāku AF zonu — līdz 100% vertikāli un horizontāli, izmantojot automātisku AF zonas atlasi.

5. Sejas noteikšana un sekošana tai

Canon EOS R5 ietver viedi strādājošu automātiskās fokusēšanas funkciju, kas spēj sekot cilvēkiem un dzīvniekiem un darbojas visos automātiskās fokusēšanas režīmos, kā arī spēj atpazīt dažādu veidu situācijas. Līdzīgi kā Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Canon EOS R5 piedāvā uzlabotu sejas noteikšanu, kas var noteikt seju no sāniem lielā leņķī, un tā ir pirmā EOS kamera, kurai ir kaķu, suņu un putnu (tostarp galvu un acu) automātiskā fokusēšana.

Līdz šim video automātiskā fokusēšana nebija ļoti laba (tās darbība un vadība), bet Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF tehnoloģija to ir izmainījusi. “Tā patīk visiem, kas to izmēģinājuši, — tā atvieglo dzīvi ar pilnīgi automātisko fokusēšanas/izsekošanas režīmu, kā arī noder manuālai fokusēšanai ar inovatīvo funkciju Dual Pixel Focus Guide feature,”saka Maiks.

6. Pro-level video features

The Canon EOS R5 supports Canon Log (including BT.2020) and HDR PQ movie recording for extra-wide dynamic range and low noise levels.

The Canon EOS R5 is also the first EOS camera to include the Zebra Pattern function, which overlays stripes onto an image to identify areas that might be overexposed. The stripes can be seen both on the camera itself and on external monitors.

It's also possible to record 4K 60p to an external recorder, or, when shooting 8K RAW, simultaneously record a compressed 8K version to a different memory card. "This is ideal for proxy editing or ensuring you have a backup of important footage," explains Mike.

Vīrietis tur pie sāniem fotokameru Canon EOS R6.

Canon EOS R5 vs EOS R6 – which is right for you?

Canon introduces not one but two breakthrough full-frame mirrorless cameras. Which one is right for you? Compare EOS R5 and EOS R6.

7. Enhanced EVF

The Canon EOS R's electronic viewfinder (EVF) provides detail of 3.69m dots at 60fps, but the Canon EOS R5 pushes this even further. "The EVF now has a resolution of 5.76m dots and a 120fps refresh rate, giving much more detail," explains Mike. "This makes it closer to the optical viewfinder on an SLR camera."

Canon has made a point of listening to its customers and incorporating their feedback into the new camera's design. "You can now have it so the eye sensor on the Canon EOS R5 is deactivated when the LCD screen is folded out. This is something users have fed back to us, and it makes sense – if you flip out the LCD screen, you're probably not using the viewfinder."

Divu zebru deguni saskaras. Uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5.

Fotokamerā Canon EOS R5 ir iestrādāts klusināts aizslēga mehānisms vai elektroniskais, klusais aizslēgs gadījumiem, kad nevēlaties, lai būtu dzirdamas fotografēšanas skaņas. Uzņemts ar Canon EOS R5 un Canon RF 800 mm F11 IS STM objektīvu ar 1/1000 sek., f/11 un ISO 6400.

© Roger Machin

8. Portrait relighting option

The Canon EOS R5 features a new function for Dual Pixel RAW images: a Portrait relighting feature.

"Dual Pixel RAW images can be edited in-camera," explains Mike. "This feature uses the depth map information stored in the Dual Pixel RAW file to allow a secondary light source to be applied to an image [as the name suggests, it only works with faces].

"The brightness, direction, and degree of coverage can be altered – all on the back of the camera. It's like having a virtual reflector in your camera that enables you to lift or increase the shadows on your subject's face, all after you've shot it."

9. Multi controller and dual card slots

The Canon EOS R5 builds on the heritage of the Canon EOS R, while adding features that users have requested. The multi controller (joystick) for selecting AF points has been reintroduced, but with a speed control to set its responsiveness.

Canon listened to a lot of feedback about the lack of dual card slots on the Canon EOS R, but dual card slots were always part of the plan for this pro-level model, which features two different types of cards.

"The Canon EOS R5 will appeal to a wide range of photographers and filmmakers, many travelling the globe, so it was important to go for maximum performance and flexibility," explains Mike. "We've included one next-generation performance CFexpress memory card slot, but these are not widely available outside specialist stores, so for the other we went for an SD card, the most popular memory card on the planet, which means you should be able to get a compatible memory card pretty much everywhere you go."

Pilna kadra bezspoguļu fotokamera Canon EOS R5 ar pievienotu objektīvu.

Canon EOS R5 nodrošina iebūvētu 5 pakāpju attēla stabilizatoru un līdz pat 8 pakāpēm, ja fotokamera tiek lietota kopā ar saderīgu RF objektīvu, kas aprīkots ar attēla stabilizācijas funkciju.

10. Connectivity

The Canon EOS R5 benefits from impressive connectivity when it comes to cross-device communication. In addition to traditional 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi support, the Canon EOS R5 is the first EOS camera to have 5Ghz Wi-Fi built in1. The Wi-Fi supports FTP and FTPS and settings can be configured offline or using the EOS Utility software – with the ability to store up to 10 networks for easy access.

Network menus and transmission options are like those found on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, including the ability to voice tag images or send tagged/rated images. It's possible to connect to a compatible smart device via the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which provides a constant connection while using minimal battery power.

Stuck for somewhere to store your files? The new service provides unlimited cloud storage, including RAW files, for 30 days. And the Canon EOS R5 is the first camera to allow automatic cloud uploads when connected to the internet – the images are then synced to your computer so they're immediately available when you return from a shoot.

Jason Parnell-Brookes
  1. 5Ghz is not available in all regions.

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