Tommi Laitinen appointed Managing Director of Canon Oy

Tommi Laitinen.jpg

Tommi Laitinen took up the position of Managing Director at Canon Oy on 3 April 2023. Photo: Pasi Salminen

Canon Oy has appointed Tommi Laitinen as its new Managing Director, effective as of 3 April 2023. Laitinen came to Canon from Visma Software Oy, where he was the company’s Managing Director. Laitinen has also previously worked as Business Unit Director of product development services at Visma Consulting Oy. He has spent his career in software development.

Laitinen has wide-ranging experience in performance-based management, acquisitions and executive team roles. Laitinen brings to Canon impressive software expertise, a strategic vision and dedication that will help the company achieve its goals.

Canon’s business future and developments

In his new role, Laitinen will focus specifically on Canon’s data management software solutions and on ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.

“It’s thrilling to be able to apply my software experience to Canon’s operations. Canon is known for its top-quality cameras and printers, but we also have a large customer base in data management. This is an area of the business we will be developing strategically,” Laitinen says of taking up his new position.

Canon’s activities are based on the kyosei corporate philosophy, which means living and working together for the common good. The philosophy extends from product development and production to social and environmental responsibility.

“Canon is a nice company to come to. There’s a strong sense of professionalism, community and a positive vibe here. It’s wonderful to be part of a team that shares the same important values as I do.”