Canon reveals its widest RF lens to date – offering an incredible 14mm focal range

PRAHA – 29. června 2021 – Společnost Canon Europe dnes oznámila, že uvádí na trh objektiv RF 14-35 mm F4L IS USM, který nabízí zatím nejkratší ohniskovou vzdálenost ze všech objektivů řady RF. Novinka je poslední z trojice lehkých a kompaktních objektivů RF se světelností f/4, které společně poskytují fotografickým nadšencům a profesionálním fotografům univerzální rozsah ohniskových vzdáleností od 14 do 200 mm. Objektiv RF 14-35 mm F4L IS USM s tichým automatickým ostřením, optickou stabilizací obrazu o 5,5 EV a rozsahem ohniskových vzdáleností 14-35 mm podává díky asférickým členům a členům s velmi nízkým rozptylem ostrý a čistý obraz. Je ideální pro fotografování krajiny a architektury, ale také tvorbu vlogů, kde autor potřebuje stabilní široký úhel záběru.

Canon Europe today announces the launch of the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM, its widest RF lens to date. The zoom lens completes its RF trinity of kitbag-friendly, compact f/4 lenses which together offer enthusiast and professional photographers a versatile focal range covering 14-200mm. With quiet autofocus, 5.5-stop optical image stabilisation and a 14-35mm focal length incorporating aspherical and UD elements for crystal clear results, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM is the perfect lens for shooting landscape and architectural photography, as well as vlogging where content creators need a stable and broad field of view.

The RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM joins Canon’s expanding range of class-leading RF lenses, built on the firm foundations of the EOS R System. When coupled with the innovative camera bodies, the full line-up of RF lenses deliver unrivalled optical performance and unlock new possibilities for photographers and videographers. Enabled by the RF Mount communication system, this lens takes advantage of combined lens and in-body image stabilisation on compatible EOS R-series cameras. It achieves a 7-stop benefit, when used with the Canon EOS R5 or EOS R6, with autofocus and control – making it a practical powerhouse for both stills and movie shooting.

Compact lens with a wide view

Taking advantage of the EOS R System’s large-diameter mount, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM achieves a powerful combination of wider coverage, high image quality – all in a compact optical system.

Weighing just 540g, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM stands alongside the compact, lightweight RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM and RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lenses to deliver a range of f/4 lenses at different optical lengths that can suit almost any photography need. As with the other lenses in this trinity it shares the same 77mm filter thread and compact form factor, which makes them convenient travel companions – users can be confident, capturing a range of perspectives whilst reducing the size and weight of the kit they carry with them.

Offering a broad focal range, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM affords photographers the flexibility to capture a multitude of different subjects, including landscape and architecture. The lens features a class leading minimum focus distance of 0.2m and a 0.38x magnification thanks to its rear focusing system. This makes the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM particularly effective in confined spaces, enabling photographers to squeeze an entire scene into the image.

Optical excellence

The RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM employs an advanced optical design of three ultra-low dispersion and three glass moulded aspherical lens elements - one of which is both UD and aspherical - that builds on Canon’s 50 years of research and development into aspherical lenses for interchangeable lens cameras. Through extensive investment in lens design and high-precision manufacturing technology, these components feature a non-spherical curvature which gathers light at a single point to reduce aberration and create pin-sharp images, replicating the image quality of Canon’s renowned prime lenses. These elements ensure the highest resolution from edge to edge of the image, which is particularly challenging in wide angle lenses where the presence of spherical aberrations greatly increases. Combined with Canon’s advanced proprietary Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC), which prevent ghosting and flare, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM achieves exceptional sharpness and contrast.

Professional, reliable performance for stills and movie

Delivering the very best qualities of the L-series, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM gives photographers and videographers consistent, precise performance. The rear focus design that enables the close focusing ability of this lens also reduces focus breathing to less than a third of the EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM. Its Nano USM focus motor delivers fast, smooth, and quiet autofocus; while the wide-angle, fixed f/4 aperture stays constant over the full focal length range ensuring there is no variation in shutter speed or ISO when zooming. When combined with the 5.5-stop Image Stabilizer (IS), increasing to 7-stops when used with Canon’s EOS R5 and EOS R6, the RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM is an essential tool for videographers using the EOS R System, providing steady footage throughout the entire video. Photographers can shoot handheld, even at very low shutter speeds.

The RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM employs a control ring to give users fast, direct control of the TV, AV and ISO settings without the need to delve into menus or take their eye away from the viewfinder. Along with the full-time manual focus ring, which leverages L-series weatherproofing for a robust design, photographers and filmmakers can confidently shoot in all conditions.

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RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM Key Features:

  • High quality, ultra-wide 14-35mm focal length
  • Fixed f/4 aperture for shooting in low-light conditions
  • Three aspherical and three UD elements, one which is both UD and aspherical, ensure the highest resolution from edge to edge of the image
  • 5.5-stop optical image stabilisation or 7-stops when used with a camera with in-body image stabilisation (IBIS)
  • Nano USM motor for fast, smooth, quiet operation ideal for video
  • Control Ring - giving direct control over Tv/Av/ISO settings
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.2m with 0.38x magnification
  • SWC (Sub Wavelength structure Coating) and ASC (Air Sphere Coating) prevents flare and ghosting

Canon RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM lens will be available in September and the recommended retail price is 1960 euro.

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